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Module 2: Africa in and with the World


The courses of the module are taught in German and English.

Frequency and format of the course

Module M2 is offered annually in the summer term and is to be completed in the second semester of study. It consists of a seminar of two semester hours.

Participation requirements

Students of afriZert are admitted without further prerequisites.

Course contents

Using selected topics, the seminar shows that African countries, institutions, people, and companies are intertwined with the world in many ways and that Africans are not only part of a globalized world, but actively and productively help to shape it. The seminar will provide students with an insight into the diversity of social, political, legal, economic, and cultural forms and processes on the African continent and beyond, as well as their development over time. Not only will topics such as education, mobility, resources, transregional linkages, or international cooperation be addressed, but it will always be shown how an understanding of these issues on the African continent helps to better understand global processes.

Learning & Qualification Objectives

After participating in the course, students will have a basic knowledge of the diversity of African lifeworlds and the central issues facing contemporary societies. They have learned not to view the continent in isolation, but to understand Africa in its interconnectedness. They recognize how perspectives shift when we take Africa as a starting point from which to view the world.

More information about study and examination procedures, the calculation of credit points and student work performance as well as the potential possibility to have external courses (e.g. at the home university) recognized for afriZert be found in the module handbook.

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