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certificate programme afriZert

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afriZert Structure

AfriZert aims at providing a study plan, focusing on African contexts, which provides both basic skills and subject-specific knowledge. The digital study program allows students to collect a certificate of 40 ECTS in three semesters. On the following pages you can get a first overview of the modules. This will enable you to make an informed decision on whether you’d like to join afriZert.

Exemplary study plan

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Duration of studies

The standard period of study for obtaining the certificate 'afriZert' is three semesters. Enrollment is only possible for a program start in the winter term.

IMPORTANT: Please note that since afriZert is hosted at the University of Bayreuth, we follow the semester schedule of the Bavarian universities. If you are currently studying at a University of Applied Sciences, the semester schedule will differ accordingly. However, because our courses are being taught digitally and asynchronously, you should be able to mitigate the impact thereof.


The courses of the certificate program afriZert are taught in German and English. An appropriate aptitude on the part of the students regarding both languages is a prerequisite for access to the program.

Course formats

The course formats include lecture series, seminars, language courses, project seminars and private study. The examination forms of the individual courses are determined by the lecturers, considering the examination forms according to the study and examination regulations for afriZert in the currently valid version.


According to the European Credit Transfer System, one ECTS point corresponds to a workload of approximately 30 working hours. To successfully complete the certificate, students must acquire 40 ECTS points in an average of three semesters. This corresponds to an average workload of 400 working hours per semester.

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