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certificate programme afriZert

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Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the certificate program afriZert & information on the mandatory counseling 

Please note, if you are interested in enrolling in the certificate program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be enrolled at a Bavarian university (of applied studies).
  • English language skills of at least level B2 are required.
  • You must attend counseling before enrolling in the certificate program.

The certificate program is starting only in the winter semester. To participate in counseling, please fill in the PDF form and send it to: afriZert@uni-bayreuth.de. In addition, please register for an appointment here. The appointments for counseling take place between June and October. After the meeting, you will receive your signed protocol, which you have to submit for your enrollment for afriZert at the University of Bayreuth.

Please be aware of the following:

AfriZert enables you to acquire general and subject-specific competence related to the African continent. You will earn 40 ECTS within three semesters. Some external courses might be credited at the examination office for afriZert. However, other afriZert courses are mandatory. The certificate program might affect the duration of your (main) study program. Probably it will be necessary to extend this duration. In case you are a BAföG recipient, this can be of particular relevance. Please note that you can start afriZert only in the winter semester and must be continuously enrolled to attend afriZert.

Example 1 for Bachelor students: You are currently in your 2nd semester and would like to enroll in afriZert in your 3rd semester. This means you can complete afriZert simultaneously with your main studies.

Example 2 for Bachelor students: You are currently in your 4th semester and would like to enroll in afriZert in your 5th semester, but you plan to complete your studies after six semesters. This means you won’t finish the certificate program without continuing your studies afterwards.

Example 3 for Bachelor students: You are currently in your 4th semester and would like to enroll in afriZert in your 5th semester. If you are enrolled in a master’s program directly after your bachelor studies, you can enroll in afriZert without any problem. However, you can also enroll in afriZert as part of your master’s studies from the first semester onwards!

Example 4 for Master students: If you enroll afriZert at the beginning of your MA studies (1st semester), you will easily finish afriZert!

We are looking forward meeting you!

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