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Module 5: Subject-specific knowledge


The courses of the module are taught in German and English.

Frequency and format of the course

Module M5 is offered annually in the winter term and is to be completed in the third semester of study. It consists of a lecture series M5.1 of two semester hours and a seminar M5.2 of two semester hours.

Participation requirements

Students of afriZert who have successfully completed the modules M1 and M2 are admitted.

Course content

In the lecture series and seminar, students will deepen their knowledge of individual topics and regional focal points and expand their knowledge by relating it to issues relevant to Africa. The cross-cutting topics covered in the lecture series are initially designed to be interdisciplinary (e.g., law; digitalization; climate change; health; resources; security) and are then deepened in the seminar with a view to the students' own areas of expertise and regional focus.

Learning & qualification objectives

Students will have an overview of current Africa-related cross-cutting issues upon completion of the module and will have learned through reading and discussion to connect these to their subject knowledge and subject-specific issues. They can deal independently with specific problems and analyse them critically, considering perspectives specific to the continued engagement with and in the African context.

More information about study and examination procedures, the calculation of credit points and student work performance as well as the potential possibility to have external courses (e.g. at the home university) recognized for afriZert be found in the module handbook.

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